Madi's Remailing Service

With Madi's Remailing Service you can order almost anything from almost anywhere in the US and have it sent to our Los Angeles warehouse. From there our team will forward it to your delivery destination really quickly and at a great rate. Please see our Service Costs page for an explanation of our charges and shipping costs. Regardless of where, or whom you purchase from, we’ll take care of shipping, customs clearance, and delivery. Just follow these four steps.

1. Getting Started

First, send a list of what you would like to order to madisfbcusacom. We'll verify that everything is okay to ship overseas and send you an estimate.

Please make sure to get our approval before you place an order. Customs regulations on certain goods are strictly enforced and cannot be negotiated.

2. Placing Your Order

Place your "Madi approved" order with any companies or websites you like. We've listed some popular online stores here.

When you complete the order, have the items sent to:

Your name
C/O Madi at FBC USA
7055 Marcelle Street
Paramount CA 90723
FAX: 562-630-5007

3. Order Confirmation

Send us a copy of the order confirmation you receive. You can send it by:

  • Email to madisfbcusacom.
  • Fax to 562-630-5007.
Please include your name, address and phone number so we know where to send everything.

4. Payment

We can only accept payments by credit card. You can supply your credit card information by these methods:

When we receive your credit card information we will pre-authorize the final amount and send it to you, along with the tracking information.

Once everything is finalized we'll charge your card and send your package.


That's it. Your package is on it's way. It's that easy! Just send an email to madisfbcusacom to get started.