About Us


I came to Japan in 1985 with a "real job" and expected to stay a year or two. After a year I brought Kelly over- we got married - and started our life together in Kobe. Well, Kelly loved all the Japanese food and I was okay with some of it like fried chicken but missed Mexican and bagels and breakfast cereal and peanut butter - those things. So, on the side, we worked on a way to import these items for us and our friends using the personal import system and launched the Foreign Buyers’ Club (FBC). People were pretty excited and soon we had a couple of thousand families ordering several thousand items every week! In 1989 we completed our first full year of being a business and had our first baby, Kristin, so we started looking for things for her - Barney videos, books for story time, along with the diapers and Earth's best baby food and all that. Then, we had 2 more little girls in under 5 years! Yikes! What were we thinking?! And, so did all our friends! At one point there were 3 of us families and we each had 3 girls - play group was our 9 girls! So, everyone wanted videos and books and games (Candyland!) and that service was born!

Then a couple of the big International schools approached us and said - since you send over containers every week and you seem to be buying from many of the same source we get things from lets work together - so we did and now we do most of the shopping for most of the major International Schools in Japan (and some others around Asia as well.) Its the same concept. We are buyers not sellers and we represent a small group of people and go get what they want and need for them. We enjoy the community aspect of it and know most, well, lots of our members and enjoy a good relationship.

Madi’s Remailing Service was later created as a way for people away from their home country to be able to get whatever they needed, even if we weren't able to sell it through FBC. Think of it as your middleman for getting your items from wherever they are to wherever you are. As long as you can get your items to our location in Los Angeles, we'll take care of the rest and get it to your door… at a great price!


Madi We named it Madi's Remailing Service after my fourth daughter Madi. Madi is one of the most easy going, obliging and helpful kids I have ever met. We will all be sitting around the TV at night and someone wants something - "Hey Madi, would you get me a glass of milk?" "Sure." She will get up and go get it with no problem. Growing up with three older sisters I guess Madi was trained well. She has learned to be pretty relaxed about things. She's grown up now but is still like this with anyone who comes to visit - she is just a super sweet helper type of person. So when we started this service I was trying to explain how this is like when we have to send stuff to our folks in the US and have them remail it us in Japan, or send it through a friend who goes back for a trip - I realized - it's like having Madi receive and repack items and mail them on to us - so that's the idea and the way we try to do it for you - like having Madi right there for you!

Talk soon,

Chuck, Kelly, Lindsey, Kristin, Sydney, Madison.